We are a design agency providing Visual Communication Services and specifically in the fields of Branding, Web & Events, thus covering all the needs of a product or services for image creation, projection and promotion.

But what does Brand ‘n Roll mean? Logically, someone will assume that it is a mix of the terms “Brand” and “Rock ‘n Roll” but how can they interrelate in terms of service design? For us it is the coexistence of two terms responsible for innovation and uniqueness, each of them in their products, either we refer to a logo and a website or to a guitar solo.

Therefore, through these two terms we want to create images with personality and soul that will interact with the human senses as an experience of creative information.

Sotiris Bourlios

CEO, UX/UI Design Engineer



Chatzigaki 6, 42131, Trikala, Greece

(+30) 2431023887, 6999160787


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